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Soft Dry Bath

Soft Dry BathHeating in reflux, distillation and rectification, Oil free heating, completely new experienceWIGGENS l...

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Soft Dry Bath
Heating in reflux, distillation and rectification, Oil free heating, completely new experience

WIGGENS launched one for all shapes of vessels Soft Dry Bath which can be easily mounted on the top of 135mm round hotplate top.

* The high quality soft dry bath developed and produced by Wiggens have uniform heat transfer and fast heat conduction, which is very suitable for replacing the small oil bath commonly used in the laboratory dry bath module,electric heating sleeve and other heating methods.
*  Aluminum bottom of the bath, it helps to transfer the heat to alloy particles very fast. Surrounded by PTFE material, for insulation and anticorrosion
* With infrared heating (IR) technology and ACC self-tuning temperature control technology of Wiggens, it can achieve faster heating effect and better temperature stability.

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Dry bath tank and jacket

The dry bath tank and PTFE insulation jacket internal diameter: 140mm


Alloy seeds

The alloy seeds, 2kg

* For digital hot plate / stirrers (WH240-R or WH260-R), you need to order separately.

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