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Compact and Easy-to-Use Rotary Evaporator

Description: The Strike 280 rotary evaporator from Wiggens combines simple operation and high performance levels, all in an ergonomic design. 

The Strike 280 rotary evaporator from Wiggens combines simple operation and high performance levels, all in an ergonomic design. The system has been created with safety needs and compliance with existing directives regarding equipment construction and electromagnetic compatibility in mind.

Strike 280 provides real-time display of basic operating parameters: bath temperature, rotation speed, vacuum, vapour temperature and cooling temperature (if optional temperature sensor and vacuum controller are present). Timing and programmed distillation can be performed. Featuring over-temperature protection, powered glassware lifting equipment in case of power failure, real-time monitoring of vapour temperature and cooling temperature, experiment and operator safety are guaranteed at all times.

The 4.3” LCD graphic display touch screen ensures simple operation with a start/stop control and parameter selector, and clear programming instructions with 7 standard packages allowing swift selection. New timed programs can be created, with different bath temperature, rotation speed and vacuum (up to 9 steps).

The PTFE coated, removable bath has a maximum temperature of 180°C limit and the rotation speed can reach 300rpm. A removable safety shield makes glassware lifting possible with or without protective shield. The powered glassware lifting equipment comes with with manual safety release in case of power failure.

The evaporation flasks are held securely in place with a Rodavis connection. Wiggens can also provide vacuum pumps, solvent recovery systems, vacuum controllers, temperature sensors and chillers.

In addition to the Strike 280 rotary evaporator, Wiggens can also provide the large scale Strike 20 rotary evaporator with 6,10 and 20 litre evaporating flasks, the Strike 100 industrial rotary evaporator with 50 and 100 litre evaporating flasks. The Strike 20 CRE can be used to continuously process samples in excess of the evaporating flask volume without supervision. Strike 20 ATEX and Strike 100 ATEX are suitable for explosion-proof environments. For more detailed information, please contact your local Wiggens distributor.


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