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Powerful IR Hotplate & Stirrer —WH390

Description: Integrated more powerful heating capacity and stronger magnetic driving system

Integrated more powerful heating capacity and stronger magnetic driving system

Innovative infrared heating technology from Wiggens has been used to produce the new generation hotplate-stirrer WH390. The laboratory stirrer WH390 is extremely well suited for gentle to intensive mixing of liquids, at the same time it can quickly heat the liquids or simply keep them at a steady temperature. The Max. temperature on the top plate up to 550℃. A powerful magnetic drive system can mix 20 liters of water.

Chemical resistance, a high surface quality, and a resistance to temperature shocks of more than 700 °C provide the user with maximum benefits compared to conventional heating surface materials. The poreless smooth surface enables even most stubborn dirt to be easily removed. The high infrared permeability ensures that the heating energy is transferred quickly and with a low loss rate, i.e. it heats liquids faster than other heating surface materials, and thus saves time and energy.

Many applications in the laboratory require temperature-controlled heating, or temperatures to be kept constant, a Pt 100 temperature sensor (optional) can be connected which enables a control between 40°C to 300°C at an stability level of ± 2 °C. The actual and the set temperatures can be monitored on the LED display.The stand rod holder on the back panel of the device can be used to connect temperature sensor conveniently and securely.

The large LCD display is used to show and control all functions. Thanks to rotating knobs control panel, working temperature, stirring speed, working time, and safety temperature can be easy set. Memory function for stirring speed and setting temperature, convenient for experiments with fixed conditions. The design of WIGGENS hotplates excels by the absence of exposed controls, metal frames, or dirt-attracting corners. These design features contribute to a considerable minimisation of the efforts required for cleaning and in daily use.

Overheat protection and instruction of residual heat for prevention of SCALD. A new way to make your experiment safer and more efficient.



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